Performance through Atomization


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42# to 1500# Injectors!!!!!

Atomizer 3 Racing injectors incorporate patented, never before used, lightweight carbon fiber internal components to create ultra fast opening times as well as utilizing other proprietary materials and design to maximize the dissipation of the eddy currents, thus creating lightning fast closing times as well. What this all means is the most accurate, controllable fuel dosing per pulse than any other high flow injector. These injectors are purpose built for all racing fuel applications, unlike adaptation of OEM, CNG (compressed natural gas) injectors, or hydraulic valves used in other applications not designed for injecting fuel.

Because they are engineered, and manufactured in house, Atomizer racing injectors can be custom sized to a target duty cycle, no matter what your preferred base fuel pressure is (i.e a 281 PPH injector at 67 PSI base pressure to achieve 63% duty cycle). Standard sizes will still be offered as well. A new thing coming from Atomizer 3 will be 4000 plus horsepower methanol car on a single injector per cylinder. Having a single injector per cylinder will greatly reduce the risk of engine damage in the event of a connector, ECU driver, or any other reason for reduced fuel delivery to a given cylinder.

All the technology in the ProMod Series racing injectors (575PPH to 1500PPH) will also be available in the Outlaw Series Racing Injectors also (42PPH to 575 PPH high and low impedance). Production Atomizer 3 injectors will be available soon.

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